Wonder Valley

Wonder Valley, photo by William Hillyard

Below are links to  the first  four Wonder Valley stories.  They are meant to be read as a piece…

Wonder Valley The first in the series.  It introduces the place as it explores the life and death of  one of the residents.  The story was listed as “Notable Nonrequired Reading” in The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2010

Laying Tracks with Jack McConaha Travel the dirt roads of Wonder Valley with the area’s self-appointed guardian.

Falling to Heaven The lives of two men intersect in the loneliness and isolation of Wonder Valley

The People Vs Thomas Ritchie Busted at the Cat Ranch, a man fights felony charges while struggling to survive.


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  1. "BC"
    Aug 18, 2013 @ 10:59:23

    Hello, Mr. Hillyard: I decided to give myself a birthday treat and re-establish contact with my friend, Raub McCartney. It seems you might be able to help he in that regard. I’d be very appreciative of any assistance. Thanks a lot. Bruce Chronister, aka”BC,” 11022 West Dr., Morongo Valley, Ca 92256; hunkybc@yahoo.com; 760 821 5706.


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