Wonder Valley by William Hillyard

Ned Bray's Wonder Valley Parcel--photo by William Hillyard

Ned Bray's Wonder Valley Parcel--photo by William Hillyard

Below is a link to my story on Wonder Valley which appears in the July issue of the Denver Voice.  It is the first of what will be a series of stories on Wonder Valley, one of the last homestead tracts in the United States.  It’s a strange place, dotted with tumble-down shacks it is peopled by an diverse mix of artists and retirees, losers and lowlifes, drunks and druggies, eccentrics and out-right wackjobs.  This story was listed as “Notable Nonrequired Reading” in The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2010

“You might have passed through here, maybe. Out for a drive with time on your hands, you might have taken the long-cut to the casinos of Laughlin, Nevada from the soulless sprawl of Los Angeles. You’d have driven way beyond the outer reaches of suburbia, beyond its neglected fringe of citrus groves, past the outlet malls and the Indian casino, past remote Joshua Tree National Park and the Twentynine Palms Desert Combat Center, past the Next Services 100 Miles sign and any reason anybody really drives out this way…” Read the Entire Story

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